CC - Community Commercial

For more information on Mccall's land use code, visit their zoning code.

Permitted Land Uses
Agricultural or garden use, without farm animals
Amusement or recreation facility, indoor
Animal clinic, animal hospital, or veterinary office
Automobile or recreational vehicle sales or service (used or new), indoor
Bar, brewpub, or nightclub
Care center
Clinic, medical (excluding animal or veterinary)
Club or social hall
Dwelling unit, local housing
Dwelling, accessory
Dwelling, multi-family
Dwelling, rooming house
Dwelling, single-family
Farm, garden, lumber, or building supply store
Hotel or motel
Nursery, retail (only)
Off street parking facility when not accessory
Package and letter delivery service
Personal, business, or professional service
Professional offices
Public parks, recreation areas or easements, and trails
Radio and television broadcasting station
Recycling center
Rental or retail store without outdoor storage or display yard
Research and development facility
Restaurant, formula
Retail, formula
Retirement or assisted living home
School, public or private
School, vocational or trade
Studio (music, art, dance or similar studio)
Transit facility (e.g., bus stop, bus shelter, transit center)
Wireless communication facility, small scale
Permitted Land Uses with Special Provisions
Amusement or recreation facility, outdoor
Animals, small farm animals
Antenna, private
Antenna, public
Dwelling unit, seasonal housing
Office, temporary construction
Portable classroom
Retail sales relating to an approved use
Service retail business
Swimming pool, private
Wireless communication facility, small scale
Conditional Land Uses
Animal boarding with outside runs
Auction establishment, outdoor
Automobile or recreational vehicle sales or service (used or new), outdoor
Automobile, major repair
Car wash
Contractor's yard or shop
Convention facility
Drive-up window service
Dry cleaning facility
Kennel, commercial
Other Uses not Listed
Public service facility
Recreational vehicle park
Rental or retail store with outdoor storage or display yard
Service station
Storage facility, self-service
Storage yard (outdoor)
Truck stop
Wireless communication facility, major
Wireless communication facility, small scale
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