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Easy Online Applications

Current Planner's GIS first approach makes submitting land use applications simple and intuitive. A user can simply select their property, choose the applications they're applying for, and answer the application questions. There's no more unneccessary repetition, land based data such as the zoning district and project acreage are automatically calculated, and applications are tied to the user's account, making tracking and communication simple.

Communicate with Your Community

Active Projects tab make it easy for the public to view, understand, and comment on projects. The interactive zoning map makes understanding allowable uses in a given zone much more intuitive than searching traditional land use tables.

Automate Document Creation

Traditional current planning involves repeated copying and pasting of project descriptions, basic application data, and other information across public notice documents, staff reports, findings of fact, etc. Current Planner automates the creation of all of these documents into the press of a single button.

Better Data, Faster

By housing all of the pertinent data from land use applications, Current Planner makes it much easier to generate reports on everything from housing units in pipeline to the most frequently cited sections of your code.

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